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More "Crazy" from the Trump Base

The level of denial among Trump supporters has been revealed (once again) to be psychotic. As reported today by Robert Mackey on The Intercept, protesters at Thursday's "Re-Open NY" rally in Commack, New York, accused Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of fabricating the COVID-19 pandemic and called for their executions. Meanwhile, the protesters' area of Long Island, Suffolk County, is one of the hardest-hit by the novel coronavirus in the United States.

This paranoid delusion of persecution by technocratic and plutocratic elites allows them to deny that there is a raging plague in their backyards. It also shifts blame for this biological disaster away from President Trump. This is also psychotic in that it denies that Trump is the chief executive of the United States and therefore is the final arbiter of policy decisions about dealing with the pandemic. Somehow, one of Trump's two senior medical advisers and a prominent technology billionaire with humanitarian pretensions have dictated the federal government's response to COVID-19.

What makes this mess even crazier is that Trump called these protesters "great people." Trump might mean what he said, given his paranoia about "Deep State" and the resulting firings of multiple inspectors general in several federal agencies. An alternative interpretation is that Trump's approval is meant to add momentum to distracting propaganda generated by "useful idiots" in his base. Either way, it's sad to see hapless Americans supporting a con artist who has been gaslighting them for years and whose incompetence as a leader and manager has made them suffer more than they should have from this pandemic and its economic aftermath.


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