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Yet Another (sigh) Personal Blog (tl;dr)

Updated: May 18

So, another personal website and blog launches - and in the age of much faster and more interactive social media, at that. Sounds ho-hum boring - why expend the effort to create a TL;DR experience? Yet I'm doing it anyway for a number of reasons (or excuses, perhaps). I thought that this first blog post could be a brief explanation of those reasons as well as an introduction to the topics I plan to cover.

The first motivator for creating this site is its URL. I've owned this vanity URL that contains my name for a while, but haven't put it to successful use. A lot of other people have the name William Meeker (believe it or not), so if I'm not going to make good use of it, I should give it up. So, reason #1 is somewhat lame.

The second reason is to keep my purpose and messaging clear online. I have another recently launched website, Bread, Wine, and Roses, that I created as a personal site and blog. However, it became clear relatively soon after the site soft-launched that I would not be able to post on it about everything and anything that caught my attention. I created the Bread, Wine, and Roses site because of my interest in and questions about left-wing Christianity. In particular, how does Christian (more specifically, Roman Catholic) faith intersect and interact with progressive politics and activism? I noticed after the first few posts that I was writing either from one standpoint or the other, but not from the intersection of the two. I needed another site for anything I write that doesn't fit that narrow focus.

The third and final reason follows from the second. I have many interests and would like to post online about them. A personal blog is the best place to do that in long-form, with social media being better for short-form. Addressing all my other personal interests in another online space also makes it possible for others interested in progressive Christianity to contribute in the future to Bread, Wine, and Roses.

My interests are always evolving, but there are some topics that I've been interested in (sometimes obsessed with) for some time. One of the latter is political theory, but I also value practical political activism. Still, I have done more thinking than doing up to the present. During the current pandemic, I have taken steps while stuck at home to change that once social and economic life resumes.

My political viewpoint has changed a lot over the course of time. At present, my positions on a range of issues place me in the left-libertarian quadrant of the ideological map used by The Political Compass. As a physician (now retired), I am very interested in reforming the American healthcare system. There's also the looming catastrophe of climate change. And equality still seems more like a slogan than a reality in the United States. Some of my political interests intersect with my Roman Catholic faith; some do not. Likewise, there are issues about and aspects of Roman Catholicism that I would like to explore here apart from political considerations.

Besides medical school and postgraduate training in psychiatry, I have also done graduate work in British and American literature and film and television studies. These are fields I will probably address on this site. Popular culture is a related interest that grew out of learning about cultural studies in my cinema and video program. I hope to write reviews of books and films and pieces about trends in pop culture.

There are other subjects and pursuits that I'm into, but this post is already too wonky and a bit TL;DR. So I'll end here for now. I'll come back to this discussion after I've delivered on the promise I made to myself to produce posts on a consistent basis. Then I'll write more about myself and my interests. For example, there's music and my lifelong quest to play at least one instrument well enough to join a band . . . .


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